Words beginning with ex

Words beginning with ex. This EX words reference page contains a list of words beginning with EX, organized by word length. The below online list of words that begin with ex might be useful for people who are taking classes in school leading to a degree, those who play word games, and visitors who enjoy education and learning or teaching about language and like to incorporate new words into their vocabulary.

2 letter words beginning with ex:


4 letter words beginning with ex:

exam exit exon

5 letter words beginning with ex:

exact exalt excel exeat exert exies exile exine exist expdt expel extol extra exude exult exurb

6 letter words beginning with ex:

examen exarch excave exceed except excess excide excise excite excoct excuse exedra exeems exempt exeunt exhale exhort exhume exiles exitus exodic exodos exodus exonic exotic expand expect expels expend expert expire expiry export expose exsect exsert extant extend extent extern extine extold extort

7 letter words beginning with ex:

exactly exalted exaltee examine example exarate excerpt excheat excited exciter excitor exclaim exclude excreta excrete excused execute exegete exergue exhaust exhibit exigent exility exocarp exoderm exogamy exolete exotics expanse expense expiate explain explant explode exploit explore exposed exposit expound express expunge exscind exstill externs extinct extirps extract extrema extreme extrude exudate

exurbia exuviae

8 letter words beginning with ex:

exacting exaction examinee excamber excavate excedent excelsin excerpta excesses exchange excising excision excitant exciting excretal excursus excurved execrate executor exeeming exegesis exegetic exemplar exemplum exequies exercise exertion exhalant exhalate exigency exigible exiguous exilable eximious existent exocrine exodists exoergic exorable exorcise exorcism exorcist exordium exospore exoteric exotoxin expanded expander expedite expellee expeller

expiable explicit explorer exponent exposure exscinds exsector exstruct extended extender extensor exterior external externum extrados extrorse exultant exuviate

9 letter words beginning with ex:

exactness examinant exanimate exanthema exarchate exarchies excaudate excavator exceeding excellent excelsior excepting exception exceptive excercise excerpted excerptum excessive excessman exchangee exchequer excipient excipular excisable exciseman excitable exclosure exclusion exclusive excoriate excrement excretion excretory exculpate excurrent excursion excursive excurvate excusable excusator execrable executant executers execution executive executory executrix exegetics exegetist exemplary exemplify

exemption exequatur exerciser exergonic exfoliate exhibiter exhibitor exigeante exigenter exigently existence exoculate exodontia exoenzyme exogenous exonerate exopodite exorcisms exosmosis exosphere exostosis exoticism expansile expansion expansive expatiate expectant expecting expective expedient expellant expensive expertise expertism expertize expiation expiatist expiatory expirator explainer expletive explicans explicate exploders exploiter explosion explosive exponency exponents exponible expositor expressio expressly

expressos expulsion expulsive expurgate exquisite exsectile exsiccate extempore extensile extension extensity extensive extenuate externals externate extirpate extortion extrabold extractor extradite extraquiz extravert extremely extremism extremist extremity extricate extrinsic extrovert extrusion extrusive extubates exuberant exuberate exudation exudatory

10 letter words beginning with ex:

exacerbate exactitude exaggerate exaltation exasperate excambiums excavation excellence excellency excerpters excerptive exchequers excitation excitement excogitate excrescent excruciate excusatory execration execratory exemptions exenterate exhalation exhaustion exhaustive exhibition exhibitive exhibitory exhilarant exhilarate exiguities exiguously exobiology exocentric exodontics exodontist exogenetic exomorphic exomphalus exorbitant exosporium exosporous exothermic exotospore expansible expatriate expectancy expediency expediting expedition expellents

expendable experience experiment expertness expiration expiratory explicable explicates explodable explosions exposition expository expressage expression expressive expressman expressway expugnable expunction exsanguine exsufflate extendible extensible extensions extinction extinctive extinguish extirpated extraction extractive extradosed extramural extraneous extrarenal extrastate extremital exuberance exucontian exultation exuperable exurbanite

11 letter words beginning with ex:

exaggerated examination exceedingly exceptional exclamation exclamatory excogitates excoriation excoriators excrescence excrescency excriminate excurvature executioner exemplarity exfoliation exhaustless exhortation exhortatory existential exorbitance exorbitancy exorbitates exoskeleton expectation expectorant expectorate expeditates expeditious expenditure experienced explanation explanatory explicantia explication exploration exploratory explosively exponential exportation expositions expostulate expressways expropriate expungeable expurgators expurgatory exsanguious exstipulate extemporary extemporize

extenuation extenuatory exteriorize exterminate externalism externality externalize extinguised extortioner extractions extradition extraocular extrapolate extrathecal extravagant extravagate extravasate extravenate extuberance exuviations

12 letter words beginning with ex:

exaggerating exaggeration exasperation excalceation excarnations excentricity exchangeable excitability excruciating excruciation excursionist execeptional exercitation exfiguration exhibitional exhibitioner exhilaration eximiousness exophthalmos exophthalmus exorableness exosculation exoskeletons expansionism expatriating expectorates expediential expenditures expensefully experiential experimental experimently exploitation expressivity expurgations exsanguinate extemporised extensometer externalisms exteroceptor extinguisher extortionary extortionate extraditable extralegally extramarital extramundane extranuclear extrapolator extraretinal extrasensory

extrasystole extrauterine extravagance extravagancy extravaganza extraversion extraversive extraverting extroversion extumescence exulceration

13 letter words beginning with ex:

examinational examinerships excandescency excavationist exceptionable exclusionisms exclusivities excommunicate excortication exhibitionism exhibitionist exophthalmias exothermicity expatiatingly expectoration expeditionary experimenting expostulation expostulatory expressionism expressnesses exprobrations extensiveness exterminatory exterritorial extracapsular extragalactic extrajudicial extramarginal extraordinary extraparental extraperiodic extraposition extravasation extravascular

14 letter words beginning with ex:

exacerbatingly exarticulation exauthorizeexc excitabilities excrementitial executioneress exflagellation exhaustivities exhibitionisms existentialism exophthalmuses expergefaction experimentator exploitability expressionists extemporaneous exterminatress extracanonical extraembryonic extraparochial extrastapedial extravagancies extravehicular

15 letter words beginning with ex:

examinabilities exceptionalness excommunicating excommunication excommunicatory exemplification expenselessness experientialism experimentalism experimentalize experimentation exploitationist extemporization exteriorization externalization extinguishments extracurricular extradictionary extraperitoneal

16 letter words beginning with ex:

exceptionalities experimentalises extraterrestrial extraterritorial

17 letter words beginning with ex:

exchangeabilities extraconstellated extrametropolitan extraterrestrials

19 letter words beginning with ex:


21 letter words beginning with ex:


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