Words beginning with ov

Words beginning with ov. This OV words reference page contains a list of words beginning with OV, organized by word length. The below online list of words that begin with ov might be useful for people who are taking classes in school leading to a degree, those who play word games, and visitors who enjoy education and learning or teaching about language and like to incorporate new words into their vocabulary.

3 letter words beginning with ov:


4 letter words beginning with ov:

oval oven over ovum

5 letter words beginning with ov:

ovary ovate overt ovine ovoid ovoli ovolo ovule

6 letter words beginning with ov:

ovator overdo overly ovibos ovular

7 letter words beginning with ov:

ovarian ovaries ovating ovation overact overage overall overarm overawe overbid overbig overden overdry overdue overdye overeat overfar overfly overjoy overlap overlay overleg overlie overman overpay overply overrun oversay oversee overset oversew oversot overtax overtly overtop overuse oviduct oviform

8 letter words beginning with ov:

ovaritis ovenbird ovenpeel ovenware overable overaged overalls overarch overbear overbite overbold overbray overcast overcoat overcome overcraw overcrop overcull overdeep overdone overdoor overdose overdraw overdyes overfear overfeed overfile overfill overflow overgave overgoad overgrow overhand overhang overhard overhaul overhead overhear overheat overkill overlaid overland overleap overline overling overlive overload overlock overlong overlook overlord

overloup overlush overmast overmuch overnets overnice overpass overpert overpick overplay overplow overplus overpray overpuff overrate override overriot overripe overrule overseam overseas overseer oversell oversews overshoe overside oversize oversnow oversold oversoul overstay overstep oversway overtake overtare overtask overtime overtire overtone overtook overture overturn overtype overused overview overwhip overwind overword overwork oviposit ovoplasm

9 letter words beginning with ov:

ovenproof ovenwoods overacted overblame overbloom overblown overboard overbreed overbrows overbuild overburns overcanny overchase overcheck overclean overclear overcloud overdance overdecks overdoses overdraft overdress overdrily overdrive overdrove overdusts overeager overemote overexert overglaze overhappy overhaste overhasty overhated overheaps overhonor overhotly overhover overissue overjawed overlarge overlends overloves overlying overmatch overmerry overnames overnight overnurse overobese overplaid

overplain overplant overpower overprick overprint overprize overproof overreach overreact overripen overruled overscore overscour overseers overseing overshade overshave overshine overshoot oversides oversight oversizes overskirt oversleep overslide oversmite overspend overspill overstate overstock overstood overstudy overstuff oversweep oversweet overswing overtaken overtempt overthrow overtrade overtrick overtrump overtures overtyped overurges overvalue overwater overweary overweigh overwhelm overwords overwrite overwrote oviparous ovotestis

10 letter words beginning with ov:

ovariocele ovariotomy overabound overactive overblouse overbreeds overbulked overburden overcharge overcrammi overcredit overdrying overeaters overexcite overexpert overexpose overflight overflower overfrieze overgentle overgotten overgraded overgrowth overhailed overhating overheaped overhyping overiodize overlabors overlocked overlooker overmantel overmantle overmaster overmatter overmodest overnicety overpeered overpraise overpruned overracked overraught overriches overridden overriding overrigged oversailed oversanded overscream overseamer overseason

overshadow overshirts overslaugh overspiced overspills overspread overstared overstinks overstrain overstream overstrict overstride overstrung oversubtle oversubtly oversupply overtakers overtalked overtalker overtaxing overthinks overthrust overtrader overtumble overwealth overweener overweight overwinter overwisdom ovipositor

11 letter words beginning with ov:

ovariectomy overanxious overapplaud overarching overassumed overbalance overbearing overblowing overboiling overbooking overbooming overbreathe overbridged overcareful overcasting overcertify overchannel overcleaned overcleared overclothes overconsume overcooling overcrawing overculture overcurious overdeeming overdevelop overdiluted overdraught overdrifted overexposes overextreme overfasting overfearing overfishing overfrailty overfraught overgrassed overgrazing overgreatly overharvest overindulge overinsures overjumping overknowing overliberal overmagnify overmatched overmeasure overmeddled overmilking

overneglect overnetting overnoveled overnursing overobesity overplotted overplusses overpratice overquarter overquickly overrepress overroasted overscratch overservile oversetting overshortly oversliding overspatter overstoping overstretch overstrikes overstuffed oversupping overtasking overtowered overwarming overwatcher overweening overwilling overworking overwrought overzealous ovovitellin

12 letter words beginning with ov:

ovariolumbar ovateconical overaccurate overactivate overanalyzed overasserted overbragging overbrimming overbrowsing overbusyness overcautious overcharging overclassify overclearing overcritical overcrowding overdaintily overdazzling overdebating overdecorate overdesirous overdiffused overdominant overdrainage overdraughts overdrinking overestimate overexposure overextended overflowings overfreights overfullness overglorious overgraining overgrasping overgrievous overidentify overinclined overindulged overinvested overlavishly overliterary overmagnetic overmalapert overmaturely overmeasured overmobilize overmodestly overmoisture overornament overpictured

overpinching overpowering overprinting overpromptly overrashness overreachers overrefining overremissly overreported overreserved overresponds overrestrain overrudeness oversecuring overseership overshoulder oversilently oversleeping oversteadily overstocking overstrictly overstriding oversubtlety oversupplies overtaxation overtimbered overtimidity overtrimming overutilized overwearying overwhelming overwildness overyouthful

13 letter words beginning with ov:

overabundance overaddiction overanalyzing overasserting overassessing overbreathing overcautioned overcivilized overcolouring overconcerned overconstruct overconsuming overcrowdings overdecadence overdecorated overdiffusely overdocuments overdogmatism overdramatize overelaborate overexertedly overexposures overextending overeyebrowed overforwardly overfulnesses overgreatness overheaviness overidealized overinflation overissuances overlengthens overlordships overmobilized overmortgaged overmultitude overnourishes overnutrition overoffensive overpainfully overpensively overplausibly overplenitude overpraticing overpreoccupy overreliances overrighteous overrigidness overscrubbing oversecretion oversubscribe

overtaxations overvariation overweeningly overwrestling ovoviviparity ovoviviparous

14 letter words beginning with ov:

overabsorption overabstemious overassumptive overburdensome overcapitalize overcommitting overcontribute overcorruption overdebilitate overdescribing overdevoutness overelliptical overemphatical overencourages overfactiously overfastidious overfierceness overfloridness overfrequently overhonestness overinsistence overinsistency overinsolently overinterested overjoyfulness overmagnifying overmodernized overmoralistic overneutralize overornamented overpositively overpowerfully overpracticing overpressuring overprosperity overrefinement overreflection oversaturating overscrupulous oversevereness overspecialise overstraighten

15 letter words beginning with ov:

overabusiveness overattentively overbookishness overbrilliantly overcalculation overcourteously overdeliciously overdemandiness overdependences overdescriptive overdiscouraged overembellished overentertained overfearfulness overhomogenized overimpressibly overinfluential overinstruction overinstructive overlightheaded overmultituding overnormalizing overoffensively overorchestrate overpessimistic overpopulations overprominently overpronouncing oversententious overspecialized oversubscribing

16 letter words beginning with ov:

overassumptively overcapitalising overcompensation overcomplacently overcriticalness overdelicateness overdenunciation overderisiveness overdevelopments overelliptically overenthusiastic overhomogenizing overinterference overmercifulness overnumerousness overornamentally overrationalized oversystematized

17 letter words beginning with ov:

overbounteousness overcompensations overcompetitively overconcentrating overexaggerations overexuberantness overfavorableness overornamentality overpatriotically overplentifulness overpreoccupation overpsychologized overreligiousness oversqueamishness oversystematizing

18 letter words beginning with ov:

ovariohysterectomy overabstemiousness overaggressiveness overinterestedness overmultiplication overprotectiveness overrepresentation oversolidification oversophistication

19 letter words beginning with ov:

overcentralizations overindividualistic

20 letter words beginning with ov:

overaggressivenesses overenthusiastically

23 letter words beginning with ov:


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